How to download on citybizplus as an iPhone users

July 20th, 2022

If you are finding it difficult to download on citybizplus as an iPhone user we are very sorry for that

that why we upload a video below to made it easier for you guys cause we don’t want you to miss our updates

The first method 

Visit your App Store download Total application

Check the step below

The second method 

Thank you for staying with us we are always available to make it easier for you to download on our website


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Read below about out to avoid annoying advert on citybizplus 


How to Download

I’ve noticed a lot of new users are finding it difficult to download so this is how you download from this channel

First copy the link of the movie you want to download and paste it in your browser then wait for it to load, when it loads you’d see an ad telling you to download a VPN, or saying you won money or something like that don’t mind that just click on the “X” icon at the top right corner to close it (see image below) once you close it you’d be able to scroll, scroll down till you see a green button that has “Download Movie” or “Download Episode” written on it (see image below) click on the button and a new tab will open and you’d be taken to a different page maybe a betting website or even google for android users you can close this by tapping the back button on your phone once and iPhone users can close the new tab by clicking on the tab icon on their browser and returning to the previous tab (citybizplus) then click the Download button again. And your download will start (it might seem like Alot but once you start downloading you discover how easy it really is.

I hope this makes it easier for the new users to download. You guys are always welcome 🤗


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